Nonverbal Communication And Academic Writing : Different Types Of Writing

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Megan German
English Composition I Smith


There are many different types of writing, and ways in which we use writing. We can utilize writing for entertainment, business, and academic purposes. Each type of writing and the ways in which we use them, has their own benefits Time4Writing. “Understanding the Types of Essays.” Time4Writing, Many people are frequently unaware of the benefits and importance of the different types of writing. Therefore, they do not take learning about the different types of writing seriously. For instance, many students do not take learning about academic writing seriously. They just go through the motions of writing to earn a grade because they do not realize the benefits or importance of academic writing. Some things that students are unaware of that keep them from taking academic writing seriously is, what a major form of communication it is, how substantial a part it plays throughout someone’s life, and how it can help them in their professional careers. There are two different categories of communication; verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal communication can be gestures, facial expressions, or written. Written communication is one of the most practiced forms of nonverbal communication. Also, just how there are different types of communication, there are different types of writing, and different purposes for writing. One type of writing everyone learns about at some
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