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Kudler Fine Foods has established that they want to design a WAN to tie three different locations together and make the internal network in each store a Wireless Local Area Network. Then, they are requesting Voice Over Internet Protocol to each multi store network. Various protocols make all this happen. Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol are the foundation of data transfer. TCP is the protocol that the internet, email and ftp highly rely on. Without TCP/IP there would be no internet, email or FTP. Two other protocols designed to process packets throughout the network are X.25 and Frame Relay. For this scenario Frame Relay will be used so I will not provide a brief description about
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Frame Relay does have some draw backs such as error checking packets. This can be a huge deal if there is a lot of traffic on the network because it will not detect corrupt packets. Which means individual packets could be lost when transmitted. Frame Relay relies on the end station to send the SYN/ACK back. If a SYN/ACK does not come back then the Frame Relay protocol will just drop the frame. From each individual router a T1 line will be used to help reach the desired bandwidth from server to a switch. From this point you will have to use leased lines which will affect the budget of the project. With the implemented plan, the goal was to keep the desired bandwidth and allow room for growth.
Latency, Jitter, Response Time
I also targeted the area of Latency. With all the users connected to the router and the router transmitting data to the switch and then so forth until it reaches its destination, there is going to be a degrade in Latency. Three variables that will keep this network maintained and keep the desired processing speed and bandwidth are Latency, Jitter, and Response Time. Latency has already been discussed however, Jitter can resemble Latency somewhat. Jitter will occur when packets pass through the network nodes with varying latencies. This usually occurs when the bandwidth is maxed out or is low and the network path needs to be manipulated. Response Time deals with the individual components and the amount of time it takes for them to respond giving the

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