Nursing Philosophy : Nursing Practice

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Nursing philosophy2 Nursing Philosophy Name: Institution: Date: Nursing Philosophy I am ascribed to the philosophy that effective nursing practices ought to be patient-centered. Referring to Hobbs (2009), patient-centered care is the provision medical services in a manner that is respectful and responsive to patient’s values, preferences, and needs at individual level. In essence, patient-centered care is built on the principle that, the values of the patient ought to guide all clinical decisions that are made by nursing practitioners while attending to his/her (patient’s) medical needs. Apparently, patient-centered care should replace the physician-centered system where clinical decisions are made as per the medical practitioners’ professional knowledge regardless of the values, needs, and preferences of patients. Therefore, I believe in patient-centered care where clinical decisions are made in consultation with patients to ensure compliance with their specific needs, preferences, religious practices, and personal values in order to deliver healthcare services that are at their (patients’) best interest. According to Naylor & Kurtzman (2010), the main responsibility of nursing practitioners is to provide primary care to patients and give medical doctors all the necessary support needed in the execution of their (doctors’) professional duties. However, it is important to note that effective medical care
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