Nursing Theory in Practice

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Nursing Theory In Practice
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 501: Theoretical Basis of Advance Practice
September 25, 2011

Introduction Imogene King was the developer of both a Conceptual Framework and a Goal Attainment theory. The Goal Attainment theory is a middle-range theory that originated from the Conceptual System. The primary concepts of Goal Attainment theory are perception, communication, interaction, self role, grow and development, stress, and time and space (Frey, Sieloff & Norris, 2002). The main point of Goal Attainment theory is that the nurse and the patient work together to define and reach goals that they set together (Killeen & King, 2007). This process is done mostly through communication,
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The cause of poor or lack of communication skills are many and include time availability of nurses to get time to sit and talk with patients; lack of privacy; shortage of qualified nurses who are available to talk to patients; lack of training; and different languages. Poor communication skills also affect goal setting and goal attainment, which leads to increase return follow-up, visits in the emergency room (Williams, 2001). The application of communication into the nursing practice is done through the process of the nurse conducting a comprehensive assessments on patients, making diagnoses, setting realistic goals and evaluating outcomes (Khowaja, 2006). During the assessment of the patient is when interaction occurs and the nurse collects data regarding the patient. The data collected from the assessment is used to make nursing diagnosis from identified problems communicated between the patient and the nurse. After the nursing diagnosis is made, the nurse continues to communicate with the patient to plan by setting goals. The patient is encouraged to participate in decision making for collaboration of achievement of goals. Once the goals are set, the nurse and the patient collaborate through communication to formulate the means by which the goals can be attained. However, mutual goal setting is only successful if the patients trusted that the goal would benefit them (Williams, 2001). With communication, nursed have to
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