Nutritional Needs Ad Essay

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Nutritional Needs Ad Lisa Berthelot 5/23/16 Nutritional needs for a fetus and embryo When you are eating for two you want to make sure that you are eating the right things. These things are can be but are not limited to folate and folic acid, vitamin D, protein, and Iron. A few ways you can obtain these are through peanut butter, milk, eggs, poultry, meat, and cereal. There are things that could happen to your child if you do not watch what you eat as for as disease and health concerns in general. A few of those concerns could be abnormal brain development, higher risk of diabetes, obesity, heart problems and possible lower IQ. There are always things that can be eaten that are good for you and things that are…show more content…
The cons to bottle feeding though is the tit can cost a lot of money, your baby many be allergic to the formulas and it may not have all the nutrients the baby needs in the formula. Some of the places you can go to get additional information as to how to keep your baby healthy not only in your stomach but once born are to the LIVESTRONG page, you can find close Facebook groups that will help with questions you may have, because it gives you a little bit of everything so you can do it in one quick stop, or this is where nurses go to help and get approved recipes for you while you are pregnant and after to continue with your health. 1) Mayo foundation for medical education and research 1998-2016 nutrition/art-20045082?pg=1 2) LIVESTRONG foundation copyright 2016
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