Obesity : A Major Healthcare Issue Worldwide

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Obesity is one major healthcare issue worldwide. This occurs in any race, gender, and ethnicity. In fact, individuals have been struggling with this problem way before the simplest sexually transmitted diseases were ever discovered. Buchwald (2003) states that, “An individual usually is considered obese when his or her body mass index (BMI) is over 30 percent.” Although it can occur in any individual, obesity is determined after a few factors: gender, height, and age. A physician is usually the one to determine BMI and whether an individual is obese or not. An individual who is obese but can easily take proper precautions to control their weight is not that serious. On the other hand, those who are way over a 30 percent BMI may have a bigger problem. For example, A 30 year old women weighing 500 pounds who only stands about 66 inches tall can be a bit risky. After this is discovered, individuals usually make surgery decisions if he/she cannot take control of their own weight. Often times, to jumpstart their weight loss, patients usually choose gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery does not take all of the excess weight off of an individual but it starts the process. The surgery is very risky. Gastric bypass surgery causes a series of health problems, causes financial burdens, and navigates to lifestyle changes. Therefore, dieting and exercising should be the only decision an individual should make when thinking about how to lose weight. Gastric bypass surgery is

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