Objectives Of Your Market Research Project Essay

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Step 1: Objectives – outline the objectives of your market research project Issue: KidSport Ontario is always exploring new opportunities to raise funds and increase the number of under-resourced children and youth who are able to participate in sport and recreation. The organization has identified the College sector (students, faculty and alumni) as a potential partner to raise additional funds. Objective: KidSport Ontario would like to identify if there is an opportunity to create a partnership with the College sector and the best fundraising program that would receive the greatest support. We will conduct a market research and situational analysis that will help KidSport develop a strategy to determine whether there is an opportunity to partner with the College sector and we will be responsible in conducting this market research to address the issue faced by KidSport Ontario. Step 2: Situational Analysis 3 C’s Company –KidSport Consumers—Children and youth from age 5-under 18 Competition— Direct—Right to play and other non-for-profit organizations that provides free sport services for children Substitute—Other free non-sport related events Future –Any other organization that might pop up in future that provide similar services as Kidsport Strength  Few competitors that offer free sport services for under privileged children  Nationally, KidSport provides support and resources to a network of 178 provincial/territorial and community chapters  Over 50,000 children
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