How Is Online Learning Different From A Traditional Classroom

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Online learning is much different from the traditional classroom settings. Aside from the obvious location differences, there are pros and cons to online learning that are very different from a classroom. A student must be willing to embrace these differences to successfully move forward and excel in the online environment.

One of the things in online learning that is important is establishing your classroom. With a traditional class, the classroom and times are designated to the student. In an online environment, it is up to the student to determine the when and where. It is important to remember that all of your classes take place on the computer and even your book can be found there. It is the student 's responsibility to make this work for themselves. Part of being able to excel in learning is setting up a time and a place where you will be able to make learning work for you. This also relates to good time management. Let those around you know when you will be in class so that they do not disturb you during this time. With a designated time and place set aside, a student can begin to schedule their days around when they have time to get their classwork completed.

Another huge element to online learning is communication. The instructor is located at a remote location and the student does not have face time with them. The student will need to learn to reach out through messages or phone calls. This is essential when learning online. The student may also

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