Open Dumping Case

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Nathasha Ventura’s face was a welcoming sight as I did my case study assignment with her. She is such an easy going and caring spirit. Nathasha is 11 years old in the fifth grade. Because Nathasha is my cousin and I have had the privilege of observing her in the classroom over the past couple of years, I knew that she had grown accustomed to the norms and regulations of the school system. I would also see her eagerness to participate in class and her friendliness as she greeted her friends and interacted with them in the hallways and during lunch time. However, when it came to her schoolwork, she does not play around and means business. Since her house computer was damaged by a virus, she has had to visit the library frequently to use the …show more content…

This was illustrated through her responses for the questions of the text as well. Nathasha was capable of identifying that the main idea of the passage revolved around people littering and the different ways of getting rid of trash. Correspondingly, when Nathasha was asked what one problem was caused by open dumping, Nathasha answered that open dumping results in bad smells. Similarly, when I inquired Nathasha about why trash is crushed before it is placed in a landfill, she stated that this is because by crushing the trash, it will take up less space. When asked what other uses landfills serve, Nathasha answered that you can build on them. Also, when asked what is put on incinerator chimneys to cut down on pollution, Nathasha answered that there would be scrubbers placed on the incinerator chimneys so that pollution will be reduced. Question 6 asked Nathasha what can heat let off by burning trash be used for, and she answered that heat let off by burning trash can in fact keep you warm. Another question asked Nathasha to name one product that can be recycled to which she answered glass. Lastly, question 8 asked Nathasha why might recycled cans and bottles be cheaper than new ones, she answered because you don’t have to waste lots of energy. In total she scored all of the implicit and explicit questions correctly indicating that this is indeed her independent reading

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