“Operation Swarmer” With Col Michael Steele.Usaace. Ncoa.

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SSG Bayless, Kyle
SFC Maradol, Karissa

Operation Swarmer is one of many important operations/Air-Assault missions in 101st Airborne Division history. I had the pleasure serving in Iraq during this operation OIF lll, and had the pleasure of flying 10-hour days for seven days straight. Even with the long hours and lack of sleep, I feel that we accomplished what we came to do. With me being a young crewmember, I did not fully understand what our mission was, besides flying in troopers to landing zones in the middle of no were. It was not until one of the Infantry Platoon Sergeants asked me if I would like to go with and perform a search. After …show more content…

The Iraqi Army 1st Brigade, 4th Division and 3rd Brigade Commander (COL Steele, Michael) out of Fort Campbell, executed a highly planned operation similar to the Exercise Swarmer. Over 1500 Soldiers partook in this operation, 800 United States Army Soldiers, and 700 Iraqi Army Soldiers. The operation was to target insurgents/Al Qaeda in the southern province (Salah Ah Din) of Samara. The key mission was not to go after one person, but to prevent a safe haven for insurgents to hide. Even though during the mission there was no resistance or injuries, the coalition forces worked together and claimed multiple caches. These caches’ included, artillery shells, explosives, IED-making materials, and military uniforms, long range cell phones and military identification cards. They continued to search for key Al Qaeda leaders, but turned out they had left earlier before the mission started. By the end, they detained 48 personnel in which 31 remained captive while the rest waited for distribution to the public. They searched for multiple days ensuring there were no insurgents or suspicious personnel within the 50-mile radius of Samara. This was not like the “Shock and Awe” doctrine with air strikes or killings; this operation was an Air-Assault mission, a sneak attack with over 1500 soldiers to include 50 aircraft along with 200 ground

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