Operational Reorganization

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Operational Reorganization Program Our company is downsizing, facing major budget cuts, reorganizing departments and instituting a cross-training program for employees. It 's imperative that we effectively manage these process changes and transition into a more productive organization. A goal setting, motivation and stress management program is required to assist employees and management during this transitional time. As we are all aware, we must make our company more responsive to an increasingly competitive global market. We must be more flexible and be able to adapt quickly to the competitive demands of our industry. Product development cycles need to be reduced and our workforce must be able to continually improve our processes…show more content…
As we flow down the MBO process throughout the operation, small effective teams need to be established at each level of the organization. Employees will support what they help create. Although it will be impossible for us to make everyone happy, we should attempt to pull our employees into the reorganization and improvement processes. Goal setting at the individual level will ensure that all employees are involved in the process. Communication is an ongoing process and a communication plan will report our progress on a scheduled basis both with "all hands" meetings and written communication. These "all hands" type meeting will provide a forum for status updates on how well we are performing to our set objectives. We also need to make sure that our managers are communicating our message on a one-on-one basis. Each manager and supervisor should meet with their employees to provide assurances and receive feedback. Step 4 – Team Formation and Objectives (Week 4-8) Small teams will be established to develop and flow the MBO process into our operation. A steering committee will be formed to oversee the team creations and key personnel will be selected to participate on the teams to develop the divisional and departmental objectives that flow up to the organizational objectives that have already been
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