Organic Food In The United States

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In our world today many people want to know what is going into their body. Many individuals will choose organic food over conventional food because of the way it is produced. The only issue with organic food, in the United States, is that it does not have enough organic farmers to produce the same volume that conventional farmers do. If farmers transform to organic farming, this can stabilize the need for organic food in the United States; doing this can aid the business of local and whole food shops.
Why should more individuals eat organic food other than non-organic food? Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. That will make eating organic food a healthier choice for your body, giving the individual more nutrients. The only problem with organic food is that it is costly. There are numerous reasons why it's so expensive, however, one of the big factors, according to Melissa Valliant is, “organic farmland only accounts for 0.9 percent of total worldwide farmland, and organic farms tend to produce less than conventional farms. Conventional farms have the farmland and the supply to keep costs down since manufacturers are able to reduce costs when producing a product in larger quantities.” If there is a way to increase the demand and improve
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Soybean is the third crop and provides some nutrients for the following oat crop. Once the farmer reaches the five-year mark, his or her whole farm that was conventional will be an organic farm. The United States Department of Agriculture allows farms that are organic use their label, but they must follow the organic standards and then will approve to use USDA’s labels. This change of the farm and labeling can increase organic food production around the United
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