Organic Food Vs Organic Foods

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Over the previous year, organic food and goods sales increased by eight percent. Organic food alone sold $43 billion in sales. Organic meat and poultry increased seventeen percent in the last year. For the past few years, organic food has taken over the shelves of supermarkets. Consumer demand for organic products is causing organic farmers trouble with keeping up the consumer demand. Organic food is said to be more natural and safer to eat. Large retail stores across the United States are struggling to keep the shelves stocked with organic products in their stores since the consumer demand is rapidly increasing. Organic food over-ranks conventionally produced food because it is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals that negatively affect both the human body and the environment, making organic food the more healthy and beneficial way to go.
Organic fruits and vegetables carry higher antioxidant levels than conventionally grown crops. Dr. Leifert conducted a review of fruits and vegetables which proved that organic produce contains higher levels of antioxidants with fewer pesticides than conventionally grown produce, therefore, organic produce is healthier than conventional produce. Organic meat and milk contain different levels of certain nutrients according to scientific studies. Organic livestock and milk contain more omega-3 because omega-3 is more common in grass, used by organic farmers, than grain, used by conventional farmers. Organic meat and milk prove to be

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