Organizational Analysis At Creative Colors

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Organizational Analysis at Creative Colors Being hired by the owner of Creative Colors to give advice about how to proceed on cost implements for the owners business takes time and to do this one would need to; describe how one would go about analyzing the organizational hierarchy to make recommendations about which managerial positions should be cut. What organizational design principles will one consider in one’s analysis? How will one balance the need for the company to downsize with the understanding that many employee positions require specialized knowledge? How will one ensure that the appropriate levels of authority and control are maintained and that adequate levels of employee supervision are ensured? What ethical considerations will be needed to keep in mind when making decisions about which managers will lose their jobs? By going over areas of concern one should be able to give a rationale for the decision-making process and be able to give the recommendations to the owner of Creative Colors. Organizational hierarchy Being able to organize an analyses of an organizational hierarchy one needs to use organizational charts, set up a department meeting with managers, executive and creative colors board members, and survey each department managers to find out where the organizational structure will need to be changed. After each process is completed then a detailed statement can be sent out to provide suggestions to improve the Creative Colors. By analyzing
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