Organizational Behaviour Cheat Sheet

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Management-art of getting things accomplished in org-s through others.Goals(OB):predicting behaviour,explain events,managing ob.Classical viewpoint-high specialization of labour,,intensive specialization, central decision-making.Scientific Management-taylor,optimum of special\standard-tion.Burecracy-weber,srict chain of command,detailed rules,high spec.,central power,selection\promotion based on competence.Hawthorne-how psychological affect productivity.HumanRelationsMovement(critique)-stric spec is incompatible with human needs,fail of creativity,min. performance(impesron.rules),lose sight of overall goal.Contingency Approach-no best way to manage,depends on situation.MANAGERIAL ROLES:interpersonal(expected behaviours that have to do with…show more content…
,maintaining unwanted behavior.Punishment(following unwanted behavior with unpleasant stimulus)effective:should be aversive,immediate,don not reward after,do not inadvertenly punish desirable.Social cognitive theory(explained by triadic reciprocal causation-pers.factors/environment go together):3 components:Observational Learning(observing & imitating behavior of others),Self-Efficacy-beliefs people have about their ability to successfully perform a task(performance mastery,observation,verbal persuasion,psycho state).Self-Regulation(use learning principles to regulate own):collect,observe models,set goals,rehearse,reinforce).Descrepancy Prod-reaching goals,set more chanllenging. OB Modification-systematic use of learning principles to influence OB.EmploteeRecognitionPrograms-publicly recognize for some beahavior.Training-activities,designed to facilitate knowledge and skill to improve perfomance.BehaviorModellingTraining-five steps based on observational learning(describe skills to be learned,effective use of them,opportunities if use them,provide feedback for practicing,maximize transfer this skills(behavior) to job.Career development-ongoing process,in which individuals progress through a series of stages that consist of unique set of issues, themes and tasks. Perception-interpreting the messages to provide order and meaning.Perceptual

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