Organizational Change Is Significant To An Organization

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Organizational change is significant to an organization as it can change the success of an organization, remove specific job practices or functions, alter policies and procedures, and change the way an organization operates ( Organizational change efforts should improve the performance of an organization as well as the people in the organization (Campbell, 2014).
To begin an organizational change, a change agent should understand the culture of organization, which reflects in its norms and practices. This can include understanding the systems and structures in the organization, including their terms and roles. This also applies to understanding the leadership and management of the organization (Campbell, 2014). …show more content…

The steps to unfreezing includes: determining what needs to be changed, ensuring strong management is in place, determining why change needs to occur, and understanding and empathizing with the concerns and doubts of employees ( The change stage follows next as it is where members of the organization begin to resolve their uncertainties and believe in the change and new direction.
This step takes some time as members want to know how the change benefits them. It is important that organizations understand that time and communication are both important to the change process ( As communication is encouraged, it opens the door for employee involvement. The final stage of refreeze takes place once the changes are established and the members of the organization are aligned and have accepted the new ways of working.
The refreeze stage involves identifying what supports the change and what affects those changes, developing ways to uphold those changes, and providing adequate training to adequately sustain those changes ( There are different types of internal and external organizational changes. These changes include structural, strategic, process-oriented and people-centered ( People centered changes focus on the attitudes, behaviors, skills, and performance of employees

in an organization ( It also can enhance the communication between

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