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Over the past decade, a common belief has been institutionalized in today’s society regarding organizational success. For a company to excel, it must strive to grow at all cost. In the short run this is applicable, however in the long run the concept of growth can lead to a decline. To remain competitive within in the market, it is essential that the company strategically plans this expansion without omitting any of the primary or secondary entities of an organization. Knowing how to manage growth, whilst standing by initial official goals, not only operative goals. Through the right planning, strategy and implementation, growth can have a prosperous outcome. (Daft & Armstrong, 2014) Companies are continuously under pressure to grow. …show more content…

They had the wrong strategy with the right outcome in the short run, but a harmful outcome in the long run. Putting into place a team of leaders who would focus on maintaining the company culture within the organization, Would allow employees to adapt to the companies need to grow but still maintain their core values and culture. Google was successful at growing massively, whilst sticking to their initial core values. (Smith, 2012) (Daft & Armstrong, 2014) It is possible to grow at all cost and have a small organization’s vibe and outlook. As they had at the start. In other words, growing into multinational companies whilst still having a small company vision aimed towards satisfying all four entities of an organization. As stated previously, google is one of the rare companies to have succeeded. They strategically aligned their long term and short term goals to be the most efficient and consistent with the outcomes of an expansion. Satisfying both their employees and customers as well as maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s market. They cautiously analyzed and integrated Fayol’s principles of management. In order to thrive through growth, it is essential to focus primarily on the long term objectives and challenges of the current market by taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In the short run, the organization will generate high revenues. In the long

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