Organizational Theory Of Planned Behavior

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1. Introduction In order to accomplish this assignment, I have chosen to have one vegan day a week as the social activity that I will maintain throughout the session. In particular, on Sunday every week, all the food I consume is free of animal products including meat, milk, eggs, etc. The activity has been starting since Week 2 of the session and so far I have successfully completed ten vegan days for tine weeks respectively (from Session Week 2 to Week 10, including the mid-session break week) with different vegan dishes for each day, which are shown in the Appendix. In this reflective essay, I will explain the reason why I choose this activity, my plan and objectives, as well as my reflection on the progress which is divided into three…show more content…
As an international student living away from home by myself, I have total control on my daily diet. Unlike when I live with my family back home and have to follow the family diet, I can eat whatever I want here. Therefore, my perceived power toward the behaviour is high as I do not have any objective constraint. 3. Plan and Objectives Due to the fact that this is a totally new habit which I have never experienced before, I need a lot of time for familiarisation and preparation. Therefore, in order to keep the progress on track, I have rearranged my weekly timetable and scheduled all the activities I need to do before Sunday when I cook the dishes. In particular, from Monday to Thursday every week, I actively search for vegan recipes from various sources such as my friends who are vegans or vegan cooking tutorials online. After that, because shopping often takes plenty of time, I spend my Friday preparing all the required ingredients as I do not have class on that day. Saturday is when I go through all the pre-cook steps such as defrosting frozen ingredients, chopping (onions, carrots, spring onions, etc.) and seasoning. Finally, I cook and decorate the dishes on Sunday, take picture for Twitter upload and enjoy them. The process then repeats on the next Monday. As previously stated, I expect to maintain this activity throughout the session. Therefore, the
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