Organizations In Today’S World Need To Be Competitive,

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Organizations in today’s world need to be competitive, efficient, productive, and innovated while reducing costs. How should organizations accomplish this never-ending goal? One technique is motivating employees to be efficient, productive, and innovated, however, individuals have different feelings, thoughts, and motivational drivers which makes it difficult for managers to achieve effective motivation in the workplace.
According to Newstrom (2014/015) inner and outer influences trigger employees to perform and participate in appropriate behaviors this refers to work motivation. Work motivation is a complicated mixture of psychological forces within each person. There are several different theories that address motivating employees, …show more content…

According to Newstrom (2014/2015) valence is receiving a preferred reward, whether that be an object, situation or status, expectancy is the belief that a specific behavior or effort will create an expected outcome or completion of task, and instrumentality is the belief that completing the task and serving a purpose will be useful and rewarded. Vroom’s Expectancy theorizes that valance with expectancy with instrumentality will create motivation. According to Expectancy theory (2016) this theory is based on choosing one behavior or another behavior because of the anticipated result, individuals will work harder knowing that they will be rewarded for their additional efforts. Vroom believed that “Individuals make choices based on estimates of how well the expected results of a given behavior are going to match up with or eventually lead to the desired results” (Expectancy theory, 2016). The last theory being reviewed is the Equity theory by John Stacey Adams and according to Newstrom (2014/2015) is based on that employees tend to evaluate equality by comparing the rewards they receive with their contributions and completed goals and also by comparing this ratio with the ratio of other employees. According to Equity theory (2016) this theory shows that individuals appreciate fair treatment and when employees are treated equally than they are motivated to continue to provide the same standard of fairness.

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