Osmosis in Potato Cells

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Ben Zaré 9MK Biology Investigation - Osmosis in Potato Cells 9/7/04 Section 1 – Planning Aim What is the aim of your experiment? What do you want to find out? The aim of this experiment is to investigate how potato tissue changes when placed in sucrose solution of different concentrations. Therefore, I want to find out if and how osmosis differs, when the concentration is changed. Variables What is the variable you are going to change in the experiment? The input variable of this experiment (i.e. the variable to change) will be the concentration of sucrose solution present in the test tubes, which the potato samples will be placed into. What is the variable you are going to measure in your…show more content…
As was mentioned, only one input variable will be used (this being the concentration of the sucrose solution in the test tubes). This means that, in order to make sure this is a fair test, every other variable in the experiment must be kept constant and uniform. Therefore the same equipment will be used throughout. This will include test tubes with the same volume of solution; weighing machines tested and made set to begin on zero (electronic). The experiment will be conducted in, as close as possible, the same temperatures (allowing for very slight variation). Also any volumes of sucrose solution measured in the experiment will be measured accurately using measuring cylinders. Observations will not be taken into consideration in planning because none of the results require observations, only what the weighing machine reads. Therefore, there can be almost no fault when it comes to recording the results. Trial Experiment Results Once you designed your experiment check to see it all works by taking a couple of results and recording them. Solution Volume sucrose sol Volume water Molarity (concentration) 1 0cm³ 20cm³ 0m (0%) 2 4cm³ 16cm³ 0.2m (20%) 3 8cm³ 12cm³ 0.4m (40%) 4 12cm³ 8cm³ 0.6m (60%) 5 16cm³ 4cm³ 0.8m (80%) 6 20cm³ 0cm³ 1.0m (100%) (Diameter of cork borer: 2mm) Solution Length start (mm) Length after (mm) Length Change (mm) 1 40 42.0 +2.0 2 40 40.0 0.0 3 40 38.5 -1.5 4 40
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