Our Nation Needs More Male Teachers Essay

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There are many reasons why I chose teaching to research. One reasons being is that there is more behind teaching than just getting up in front of students and speaking. Another reason being that the teaching field needs more male teachers. “The message we’re sending to boys is that, not only is teaching a women’s realm, but perhaps education as well.” Bryan Nelson said, indicating that the nation needs more male teachers (Gutierrez-Folch, K-12 Schools Need More Male Teachers, p.1). Another reason why I chose this career is because I have always wanted to be a teacher for a very long time, and I like helping people with their schoolwork if they need it. Another reason that I want to be a teacher is that male teachers can serve as role for …show more content…

Many teachers in the world work alone and teach a variation of subjects like elementary school teachers (Teachers: Training, Salary and Career Information, n.d., p.2). A lot of teachers only teach one or two subjects, like secondary school teachers (Fine, 1995, p.64). Some of the basic duties of the teacher are too hand out many things. (Secondary School Teacher, 2014, p.1). Many of those supplies being is the note sheets, pencils, erasers, folders, notebooks, textbooks, and many other things that the student will need to succeed in the classroom. Teachers are also supposed to make rules, and stipulations among the students and sometimes other teachers (Secondary School Teacher, 2014, p.1). If someone wants to be a teacher, they must follow all rules and guidelines and other important rules if they want to be a teacher (Secondary School Teacher, 2014, p.1). According to Choices, there is nothing that any teacher can do to get out of grading tests, quizzes, and homework. Teachers are supposed to give tests and quizzes to show what the student knows, and where they stand at that point of the testing. Also the teacher keeps an eye out for how students behave with the other students and the teacher themselves (2014, p.1). Also part of the job description is that when a teacher teaches it makes them feel like they have been teaching for thirty years when they have only been teaching for one (K-12

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