Out In Four Reflective Essay

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Who Am I? I am Darius Antonio Roman, Businessman of the year of the class of 2015. I am also a first-generation student who is determined to achieve greatness. The “Out in Four” initiative is a guide to abide by to maintain my success at Virginia State University. My ability to graduate in four years is based on three factors which are studying, scheduling, and participating.

Studying is one of the most important factors in academics to achieve my goals at VSU.
I will use only three strategies to make sure I have the information lock in my brain to be able to execute on upcoming quizzes and tests. These strategies are doing reviews on the topic, peer testing, and having a schedule. First, I will review they will help me obtain the entire concept before taking the test. It will give an idea of the material that's going to be on the test which is a huge advantage for me. Reviews will be more effective towards my academics which will keep my grade point average high. Second is peer testing, this collaboration will be more effective than pre-testing by myself because it enhances my chances to receive a higher grade. Also, I will grasp more information than I would by testing alone. This shows studying will be one of the important factors to achieve in academics.
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I will keep an organized schedule consisting of studying for fourteen hours a week. Within those fourteen hours, I will cover all my classes such as Composition I, Biology, Algebra, Health and Wellness, and most importantly my major Business. This schedule will enhance my time-management skills and keep me on organizing throughout my four years in college. Having a schedule will be a huge impact to keep on the right path with my
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