Outbound Desk Incident Report

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At approximately 9:50 AM, An Outbound Desk clerk notified Shift Supervisor Ashley Lorah about an accident in the truck yard. S/S Lorah asked Security Officer (S/O) Neil Zola to go out to the yard and collect the information needed. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, S/O Zola made contact with RJ Davis driver Leroy Michaels, who was driving tractor 241. Mr. Michaels stated to S/O Zola that while attempt to pull EXPO trailer 097288 from slip location F049, the EXPO trailer hit and collapsed Pallet Express trailer C529 in Slip Location F950, and also causing the EXPO’s trailer door to also fall off. Mr. Michaels also stated that the EXPO’s trailer door that fell off was move by himself and another Yard Jockey to Slip Location F950.
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