Outline Of An Activity Using Magnetic Vocabulary Essay

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OBJECTIVES: Language: Students will be able to:
• Discuss an activity using magnetic vocabulary.
• Read step by step directions.
• Write observation in their journal. Content: Students will be able to:
• Preform a controlled investigation into magnetism.

• Compare experimental data.

• Record experimental results.

LEARNING STRATEGIES: Journaling, Pictures, Brainstorming using a Mind Map, Small group activity, Prediction organizer, Choral reading of the instructions, Demonstration, Step-by-Step organizer, Reporter/Reader/Researcher, Flashcards
KEY VOCABULARY: Predict; Iron; Extract (I’m assuming magnet, attract, and repel are prior key vocabulary since they are midway through this unit on magnets.)
MATERIAL: Textbook: Magnetic Magic for each student; giant magnets; different types of items like: paper clips, safety pins, steel nails, tooth chips, glass beads, and plastic buttons in paper bags for each group; mixing bowls, water, plastic robs with magnets attached for each group; and a different box of cereal for each group, laboratory instructions; graphic organizer: concept map, and data worksheet.

(1) Begin by copying the objectives from the board on a new page in your science journal.
(2) Copy the key vocabulary into your personal dictionary section within their science journals from the board.
(3) Together read the objectives and the key vocabulary out loud while showing a picture of each term as the term is being stated.
(4) Provide
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