Pamphlet/Brochure Ad Analysis

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2. Pamphlet/Brochure: Quest¬¬¬ions However, my project is an ad that would be on a billboard or a mural. • What types of audiences (resistant, neutral, sympathetic) will you appeal to, and/or what appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) will you use? The ad would target a sympathetic and/or neutral audience that can be reasoned with logic. The ad is designed to appeal to 20 to 50-year-olds, economically considered upper middle class, and college-educated. This demographic would not be opposed to relocating (means to reside and work) into the downtown area of central Phoenix if given the right incentive(s). This group of people are politically aware, eco-conscious and may drive an electric car and/or ride the light rail. They tend to be socially active, …show more content…

The images tie the old west to the new urban as a way of being socially responsible and yet still have a sense of adventure. There is a photograph of what would become the center of Phoenix from the 1880’s with a wagon stopped at the edge of the Salt River and it is contrasted with a photo of the new light rail cars for transportation. Also, the center photo is a beautiful desert scene with saguaros and mountains in the background and is actually an old 1950’s postcard photographed and also has a feeling of nostalgia to it. It elicits a response from that connection humans feel with nature as …show more content…

The building would be an old historical if possible and being renovated into a new office/retail space on the ground floor with condos/apartments on the upper levels so the building has 24-hour use and serves multiple functions which serve to conserve floor space/square footage compared to supporting sprawl which is exactly what we do not need. The audience should sense the nostalgia and adventure of the “wild west” with an appreciation for the outdoors and the desert. They should be socially responsive, eco-conscious, and like the idea of living and working in an urbanized environment as long as it is located near or integrated with nature. Ideally, the people may think the want to relocate to the area and seek more information to make that

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