Parental Involvement : Children 's Academic Performance And Self Competency Level

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Parental involvement plays a crucial factor in the positive outcome of their child’s academic performance and self-competency level. However, not all parents take part in parental involvement for various reasons. To begin, many parents do not have a strong self-efficacy are not will to participate in school activities. The school community must make an effort to increase parental efficacy in order to create a positive outcome in parent involvement. Next, demographic valuables such as parent income and level of education also interfere with parental involvement. “Often, the education and social status of people who work in the school intimidate undereducated and poor parents” (Comer, 2005, p. 39). Parents may have had a negative personal experience in school, allowing for a negative experience for their child’s educational journey. Therefore, it is crucial teachers must provide a warm, welcoming environment so that parents feel valued on campus. As parents begin to experience a positive environment, and become more appreciated on campus they are more likely to become more involved in school activities as well as their child’s education. The question remains about the reasons or motivational bases for parent involvement. Many parents lack available child care for evening events on campus. In addition, work schedules often become a barrier for parents to be involved in school activities. Schools must provide an intervention for parents that meet these barriers so that all
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