Parenting : A Child 's Growth

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Madison Rogers
Psychology 2010
9 November 2015
Dr. Nowell
When seen only as presiding over a child 's growth, parenting can be frustrating and burdensome. However, when seen as an opportunity for personal growth for adults, parenting is one of the most creative and encouraging experiences that life offers. It can be a mutual growth process for both children and parents. I feel like I have grown up while watching my parents grow up, too. Reinhold Niebuhr said that parents ' lives are fulfilled through the realization of accuracy in their children. This means that the full meaning of parenthood comes in later life. Yet while they are raising their children, parenting gives them chances to improve themselves and broaden their …show more content…

Because parenting seems to be a mysterious and risky experiment, many parents have turned to experts. One example of these experts is family therapy. Unfortunately, that expert advice has been understood in the context of fundamental social trends and converted into nurturing fads that later have been cast aside along with the reputations of incriminated experts whose names have been associated with those childrearing eras.
Early in our century, John B. Watson warned parents against spoiling their children with unnecessary displays of fondness and recommended imposing regular habits on them in order to introduce self-discipline. My parents, for example, told me that if I wanted to drive when I turned 16 I needed to get a job to pay for the gas. I set out and found a job at 15 years old. They told me that if I wanted to go out and eat with my friends I better have a way to get the money for it because they weren’t going to just give it to me. The ideas of Sigmund Freud persuaded the next era toward reasoning with children to help them become understanding individuals, capable of enjoying relaxation as well as work. After World War II, tolerance with children was conditional from the writings of Dr. Benjamin Spock, who enjoined parents to trust their instincts as they tried to meet their children 's needs.
Now in the wake of the "Spock era," we can choose from a variety of experts. On the

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