Parenting : A Child 's Growth

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Madison Rogers
Psychology 2010
9 November 2015
Dr. Nowell
When seen only as presiding over a child 's growth, parenting can be frustrating and burdensome. However, when seen as an opportunity for personal growth for adults, parenting is one of the most creative and encouraging experiences that life offers. It can be a mutual growth process for both children and parents. I feel like I have grown up while watching my parents grow up, too. Reinhold Niebuhr said that parents ' lives are fulfilled through the realization of accuracy in their children. This means that the full meaning of parenthood comes in later life. Yet while they are raising their children, parenting gives them chances to improve themselves and broaden their own personal horizons as they model for their children the qualities they would like to see in them. For some, their own children give them a chance to become the parents they wish that they had. I think that I have the best parents in the world and I hope my child thinks the same about me.
Everyone is born with unique possibilities. Children develop their own personality styles, unpredictable rhythms, moral values, and interests. Still parents apply strong influences on these qualities, as do peers, teachers, and society during the years. There was a time when parents raised their children without relying on expert advice. Those, to me, were the “good ‘ole days.” In those days, aunts and grandmothers were available to help. But during most…
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