Payton On Sunday Mornings

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Advertising plays a major role in our everyday lives, whether determining people's opinions, simply promoting their product, or presenting individuals in a specific way. Advertising impacts many people’s judgements either by billboards, commercials, newspapers, etc. Advertising is all over the place, so it's hard for someone to miss. The DirecTV commercial features Peyton and Eli Manning. It shows Peyton Manning, a newly retired football player, sitting on his couch ready to watch football. He calls up his brother Eli who is getting ready to play in a game of his own. This commercial talks about selling a special TV package, "Sunday Ticket" that allows you to watch all the games playing on Sunday TV all in HD. Retirees are the social group…show more content…
This advertisement uses languages and images in particular way to portray retirees in a specific manner. The advertisement uses testimonial with the use of Payton and Eli Manning, and Lionel Richie. The effect of using this is that in builds trust in the customers. If a former pro quarterback uses it, so should you. It particularly uses language in the form of dialogue and song lyrics. As the commercial begins, the famous song “Easy Like Sunday Morning”, by Lionel Richie plays… but with a little twist. Lionel Richie sings the lyrics, “It’s Peyton…Peyton on Sunday Mornings” (DirecTV). So as the real song goes, its lyrics use a simile to compare Sunday mornings as easygoing, lazy, and relaxed. This is significant in this commercial because the retired life seems to be all that in the newly retiree, Peyton Manning’s life. The use of the song is important because it mentions Sunday Mornings, which is a big time for NFL players and viewers. Usually Peyton would be playing on Sundays and now that he is retired, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. This reflects on retired people in general, seeking to find something to…show more content…
It places emphasis on the fact that television and particularly football, plays a major role in our society. The advertisement brings awareness that we take interest in lazy, mindless activities and that TV and media has power over us as a whole. Media is incorporated into our everyday lives, whether people like it or not. The advertiser would chose to display this product like this in order to intrigue their customer base. This puts an overall judgement on American culture because it presents society as lazy. For example, the advertisement shows Peyton Manning as spending his retirement in his house, when he could be exploring the world. Some would say you can spend your retirement doing what makes you happy, but only the American culture would chose television over other
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