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1.Environmental forces 1.1Major forces in the macro environment ·Demographics forces Lenovo is the native enterprise of China and Chinese population is so large that the purchasing power in China is still very strong. In recent years, Lenovo mainly developed business in Russia, India and Brazil and we can find that these three countries are also the ones among the top 10 populous countries in the world. Considering the age trends, Generation X & Y are the main group of consumers. Especially after entering the 21th century, the number of customers who are over 50 years old is continuously growing. ·Cultural forces The young people are paying more attention to the leisure and spending more on such electronic products. This trend…show more content…
The new brand name ‘Lenovo’ is made up of ‘Le’ which is the prefixes of ‘Legend’ and ‘novo’ which has the meaning of ‘innovation’ in Latin. Hence, the new brand name represents the positioning of Lenovo’s target of being the legend in the IT market depending on innovation of products. ·Competitive advantages Lenovo’s typical brand proposition is ‘more for the same’. Therefore, it has to have some competitive advantages that can leave customers greater value than the other companies. And the following factors are Lenovo’s main competitive advantages. (1) Lenovo divides their consumers into groups in detail and they have various products designing for different types of customers. (2) Lenovo has a big and high-quality technical team which has a number of researchers and engineers who are knowledgeable in designing new products. So they can ensure that the product is fashionable and fully functional. (3)They test the products according to the standard parameters strictly and then they can ensure the high quality of every product. ·Service By virtue of the high-tech means which is at the leading place in its field, Lenovo promise to provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale services to customers. Strategy analysis Customer Segmentation & product choice Lenovo divides their customers into five groups according to the scale of customers, such as, home & home office, small business, medium business, large enterprises and business
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