Peachtree Case Study Paper

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Nina and Thelma,
You make an excellent point regarding the immense resources being spent on maintenance and just keeping the current system running; however, I do not believe that this puts innovation out of Peachtree’s hands. The focus of the CIO and the IT department is on holding things together but it is Max’s job to create the vision for change and improvement.
We do not know how much Peachtree is spending on keeping an obviously cumbersome IT infrastructure working. Consider the labor costs and the supplies to keep patching their system together. Yes, there is definitely financial risk involved with change; however, I believe that there is more financial risk in not doing anything plus there is a major risk to their customer, the patient. If their IT infrastructure fails, and from the impression given in the case study, it was not a matter of it but when, then patient safety and
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As the leader, Max’s role, after establishment and communication of the vision is to gather data about the current state of affairs both from a clinical standpoint and a technology standpoint.
You make some good points, and Ford agrees with you that not all of Peachtree may be broken and to pull the best-practices together from across the organization (Glaser et al., 2007). This could be an excellent place to create some type of reward for the unit or campus that has a best-practice that is selected to enhance the entire organization. As a consumer, I witnessed this at a local hospital, on every floor there were posters touting what they did well, all trying to win an award within the hospital.
What do you think about creating an environment where the staff of Peachtree offers best-practice solutions that will fill in and support the
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