Pearson Custom Education, Five Educational Philosophies

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In the book Pearson Custom Education, five educational philosophies are discussed and what each one represents what a teaching and learning is distinctive to each other and some of them is easily observable in nowadays moment when in contrast, some of them are rarely to be seen. The first among the five philosophies is essentialism. It is a teacher centered philosophy which “puts little stock in what students want in terms of what and how they learn” (Powell, 2015, p.71). There are requirements for students such as: “[their] interests not important, [they] must be discipline; [and their] hard work emphasized” (Powell, 2015, p.71). The mainly used method for teaching would be “direct instruction, memorization, and proven methods” and such …show more content…

Its curriculum is mostly based on life experience where knowledge is “obtained through interactions, [and it is] constructed from what is seen, heard, [and] done” (Powell, 2015, p.73). It is like when Rafe takes his students to field trips to give his students experiential learnings from real life involvement.
The next student centered philosophy is social reconstructionism which is “to educate students in ways that will help society move beyond all forms of discrimination to the benefit of everyone worldwide. [Unlike from other philosophies], this philosophy addresses such topics as racial equality, women’s rights, sexism, environmental pollution, poverty, substance abuse, homophobia, and AIDS” (Powell, 2015, p.74). In this philosophy, it wants students be actively involved and engaged with social issues and teachers as who helps students feel the responsibility for humanity. How Rafe’s teaching assimilates with social reconstructionism is that Rafe also lets his students face their own life issues during or outside of class and help them think and get to solutions by themselves. However, Rafe does not force the responsibility for humanity or any other types of social issue onto his students. He does make his students know that they will be the future who could influence the world and what is around them, but no such obligatory is given throughout his teaching. And last but not least, existentialism is the

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