Pekin Hospital Case Study

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Over two thirds of my life have been spent living in a western suburb of a large metropolitan area which has access to extensive resources. I grew up in a rural area and thought it would be interesting to look at what resources they have and how their needs are defined in the community health needs assessment (CHNA). The two CHNAs chosen to review were Pekin Hospital and Morris Hospital and Healthcare Center (MHHC), both are nonprofit organizations. Pekin Hospital is a 107 bed medical center located in Pekin, Illinois. Their defined their area of service with the use of only a map and its total population of 135,394. Morris Hospital and Healthcare Center CHNA has a more extensive definition of its physical community which included 5 counties, 22 cities and a population of 112,742. Their medical facilities include a main hospital campus with a total capacity of only 89 beds, two other hospital campuses and nine health care centers. The CHNA for MHHC report started a with a short easy to read explanation of the methodology used to gather both primary and secondary data. The information used to determine…show more content…
Pekin’s CHNA report began with a mission and vision statement which gave you a feel for their commitment to the community. MHHC’s report was notably missing any reference to the purpose of their organization. Presented in the beginning of Pekin’s report was an evaluation of their previous assessment and steps they have taken to resolve some of their past issues. MHCC on the other hand attached their previous report as an addendum making it seem like an afterthought. The aesthetics of Pekin’s CHNA was more appealing than that of MHHC. There were similar two tone graphs in both reports, but Pekins included a variety of graphics giving the reader a different perspective on some of the data. I found that Pekins CHNA gave me the impression that it was done with the intention to be
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