Performance of the Criminology Graduates in Relation to Board Examination : Itss Relation to Enhancement Program

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The Problem and Its Background
Education is instrumental in harnessing manÔÇÖs potentials and capacities to make him a productive and effective member of society; hence the total development of the individual is the ultimate aim of education. Thus, schools were established in all feasible areas to quench manÔÇÖs quest for further knowledge and optimum development. In effect, awareness to the significant benefits of education directed the school towards offering different courses, specifically in the tertiary level.
One of such education is Criminology, a highly intellectual field, especially because the majority of the jobÔÇÖs responsibilities rely on determining and analyzing criminal patterns. According to Agas
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Lastly, Criminal Law is composed of five (5) books that deal with general definition of criminal law as a branch or division of law which defines crimes, treats of their nature and provides for their punishment.
Meanwhile, Comprehensive Review was introduced as part of the curriculum of most of the schools. Review is one of the ways used by the students to enrich the knowledge they have acquired during their tertiary level. By these methods, students were able to focus on their strengths, minimize their weaknesses and were expected to be more capable of passing the board examination. On the other hand, as cited by Linga and Magtaan (2008) licensure examination is a testimony of professionalism and career achievements of BS Criminology graduates. This is in pursuant to the Republic Act 6506 entitled ÔÇ£An act creating the Board of Examinees for Criminologists in the Philippines and for other purposes which created the Board of Examiners for Criminology on July 1, 1972. This study entitled ÔÇ£Performance of the Criminology Graduates and its relation to Board Examination and its Implication to enhancement programÔÇØ was conducted to determine the relevant relationship of the three areas in the board examination and how it may help the institution in enhancing the curriculum. The study also…