Personal Philosophy Of Educational Essay Essay

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Artifact #2: Personal Philosophy of Educational Nobel Peace Prize winner, Kofi Annan, of Ghana said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” ( My ambition to become an educator stems from a desire to help children grow into productive and successful adults. I am a mother of six children. As I have guided my individual children through the different stages of their childhood, adventures, adversities, and educational experiences, I have come to realize that all children have similar basic needs. Along with food, water, shelter, and clothing, children have the need to be accepted, protected, nurtured, and an innate desire for knowledge. Every child has the ability to learn and mankind can only thrive through the power of knowledge. I was a very shy child growing up and knowledge did not come easily. I had two elementary teachers that made a profound impact in my education. Their kind, friendly, and patient demeanor encouraged me when I felt inferior to all my peers. Even though my learning came more slowly, those two teachers taught me that I did have the ability to learn. Through many years of raising children and volunteering in their schools, I discovered that I have an inherent ability to nurture, encourage and teach children—in the same manner in which those two teachers touched my life. Although not a gifted learner, I made immense progress as I discovered

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