Personal Problem Management At My Place Of Employment

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Everyone who has ever held a job or professional position has experienced some time of conflict. Whether it was personal or between other co-workers, conflict is unavoidable. The workplace is best described as a professional melting pot. People who come together, from different backgrounds and opinions, to serve a common purpose are bound to have a disagreement (Lytle, 2015). This is something managers should always be prepared for and should even expect to occur. Conflict can be a healthy part of any type of decision making process if it is received by mature and self-confident individuals who can maintain professionalism (Nahavandi, Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2015). For this particular paper, I will describe a personal problem in …show more content…

A large part of management is to help motivate, educate, and maintain company success. Employees were not given accurate information or updated on company happenings and expectations because of the lack of effort from the previous manager. They also did not provide effective customer service because they were not focused on the customers’ needs were more used to pushing them off on another employee in order to get them out of the way. Employees also did not have a concern for company time. Employees would take their hour lunch break every day to run errands but would also clock back in and take an additional break to actually finish their lunch on company time. The manager was so inwardly focused that she allowed employees to get away with an ineffective workday on a daily basis. This type of management helped to create a toxic work environment. However, when the new manager came in she did not approach the issues effectively. When she took over she made a lot of changes to try to improve business strategies. She initiated monthly business meetings to address how to enhance business and create higher sales goals. Without confronting the staff as a whole, however, she would only give suggestions about how to improve. She made no effort to get the respect of the staff and work to establish some structure within the workplace. Instead she made suggestions and let her expectations

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