Personal Reflection : Personal Strengths In Chemistry

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The nature of this Chemistry course has allowed me to learn not only the content, it has also facilitated extensive personal awareness and growth. At the beginning of the semester, I was wary of the group-learning style of the class as well as working in groups in general. Prior to taking this course, I have struggled to work effectively in groups because I like to have control over my learning. This class has allowed me to practice working in groups every class which has improved my teamwork skills exponentially. The regular feedback that I receive has helped me to become more aware of my strengths and my weaknesses and how to improve.
I have received positive feedback on the Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, and Lifelong
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I am very proud of the progress that I have made thus far as it has helped me to work better in a group setting in Chemistry and in other classes. While the growth I had experienced has been noticed by my group members, I still have multiple areas to improve upon before the end of the year.
The only section that I did not receive any feedback from was the integrity section. Next semester I hope to receive feedback from this section because I know that I have a very strong sense of integrity, I just need to learn how to convey that to the other members of my group through my work in class. I can build in this area by focusing more on the learning of others in my group instead of my own. While I did receive feedback on having a positive attitude, I didn’t receive any feedback specifically on how I treated others. One way that I could improve in this area would be to ask questions to make sure that the others in the group are understanding the content before moving on. In addition, I could make sure that everyone's voices are being heard and valued even if they are conveying a different perspective or opinion that the others in the group. I think that if I implement these simple strategies that I will be able to experience personal growth in this section. However, this section is about the others in my group, so the only true way to see if my new strategies have worked would be to
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