Personal Statement: Hi Kellie

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Hi Kellie, Here is my response to the questions. Thanks! 1. I have studied and worked in Korea, New Zealand, the US, and Australia. I believe that working in overseas helps people understand other cultures, widen their perspectives, and find many good opportunities. I am keen to helping other people like me who are interested in working overseas by consulting which areas of work would be fit for their interest and offering advise related to their visa and the regions that they are willing to go. 2. I think working from home would give me a flexibility to save my time not commuting. 3. My ideal hours are 30/wk, however, I am flexible to work less hours. 4. I am available to work for 8 hours anytime in all week days. 5. I am planning …show more content…

I used to study or work in overseas mostly in my life, therefore I constantly had to apply for visas and I am experienced in filling all the visa documents correctly. Since I lived in many different countries, I am aware of the differences among the countries regarding the visa process. 7. I previously worked in a number of relevant administrative positions. In my previous and current position, I organized legal documents, handled inbound reception phone calls, prepared reports and created documents. I have great phone manners and presentation and my coworkers describe me as easy going. Also, I am a fast worker and I excel at meeting deadlines under pressure. Personally, I like to help my friends to work in overseas by giving advise about the visas and suggesting which countries would be suitable for their career. 8. I took the US working holiday visa (US OPT visa) and I will have Australian working holiday visa from June 2016. 9. I have South Korean passport. I had the US F-1 Student visa and currently have the US Visitor's visa. I will have the Australian Working Holiday Visa from June 2016. 10. During my academic and professional experiences, I am used to working with computer all the time. To succeed in my work, I am familiar with paying great attention to details that I do not make mistakes. In my previous work experiences, I have always double checked my emails and other reports to make sure that there is trivial mistakes. I am highly skilled with Microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint. 11. No. 12. Yes. 13. What are the various ways employees communicate with one another to carry out their

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