Personal Statement : My Desire For Knowledge And Education

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I am the product of two cultures: African and Arab. I was born in the United Arab Emirates to Sudanese parents and married a first-generation American, and as such, I have had the advantage of being deeply immersed in otherwise distinct cultures and worldviews. Exceptional role models and unique personal insights have given me the desire to pursue medicine. Indeed, two of the most inspiring and influential people in my life have been my parents. Both have always stressed the benefits and values of solid education. My mother always said to me, “Knowledge and education equal emancipation, seek the gift of knowledge, it will make you a better person”. Her exemplary dedication and desire for excellence is what I hope to emulate. Moreover, pursuing medicine in particular was a cumulative decision I took over years of fascination with biological sciences.

My life took a turn during my first year at the University of Khartoum medical school when I had to watch my cousin and best friend suffering because of kidney failure. When her doctor told us that she has suffered from severe dehydration and as a result, her kidney failed and she might need to be on a dialysis machine. I was terrified as I realized that our village lacked the basic medical services she needed to survive. After waiting for several days for one of the few dialysis machines to become available, she managed to have a couple of dialysis sessions. After three months, her doctor told us that her kidney function

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