Personal Statement On Driving The Web Design Revolution

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My Pursuit of Excellence

We live in a time where computers have become an inevitable part of our lives. The need to understand technologies and their influence on mankind is the talk of the time. Millions are being invested to design and research ways to enhance the user experience. This is where I would like to see myself, driving the web design revolution. Coming from the computer science academic background and currently working in a multinational firm ‘Mindtree Ltd.’ as a Senior Software Developer, I experience the dominance of technology every day. I have seen technology change drastically in front of me in a short span of time. This transformation is evident enough for me to realize the necessity to keep in touch with the changing time and be at the edge of the seat. Being a part of the information industry, I have come to a stage where the exigency of getting back to academics is unparalleled.
My entire life I have shunned mediocrity and instilled the same in my nature. Perfection is what I seek and expect nothing less from my work. This makes San Jose State University’s Software Engineering graduate program my decisive target.
A ravenous desire for software development juxtaposed with a ken of skilled programming, gave me the pathways for my undergrad studies, thus ultimately being the reason for the selection of Computer Engineering as the major stream for my engineering studies. The courses that most interested me during my undergraduate

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