Personal Statement : Self Awareness

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This paper will provide a glimpse of my non-cognitive traits such as self awareness, empathy, passion and fortitude.
The process of being self-aware is not always easy, but is a worthwhile and magnanimous achievement. As a social worker, Self-awareness is an essential ingredient in preparing oneself to encounter new challenges while learning to understand one’s own strengths, weaknesses, thoughts and beliefs. It was difficult for me to work on a project with others not knowing if I could control my emotions, judgmental attitudes and negative past experiences with group assignments. In past groups my expectations weren’t met. I was burdened with the task of completing other group members’ assignments while they avoided the work or vicariously participated. Acknowledging how past experiences influenced my beliefs, feelings and thoughts towards group work has made a difference.
This acknowledgement coupled with myself awareness has helped me in working in this recent group. Without self awareness and knowing what experiences influenced my thoughts about groups. I would not have been effective with group assignments. Nor would it be possible to provide skillful techniques and sensitively during the group process. Consequently, without this information I may have also unknowingly rejected the group process and become reluctant to participate in the group. However, by knowing what experiences shaped my thoughts it has helped with the prejudices, biases and stereotypes that
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