Personality And Temperament Factors In Human Development

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Quite obviously the development of a child from new-born to an adult is a long weary journey that would incur many difficulties and hardships along the way. A child’s development is not only a product of his/her genes but also his/her environment, which plays a pivotal role in the child’s ultimate development into an adult. An individual’s personality is decided by epigenetics which is, the expression of genes due to environmental factors, which is the reason for the whole debate of nature versus nurture, because no one trait or gene or even millions of traits or genes can describe a person’s whole personality. It is the combination of both experience and these inborn characteristics that make an individual who they are. How much can be attributed to each aspect, is a difficult question to answer – an impossible question to answer, but still many researchers continue to experiment and study both aspects to understand the importance of each in the development of a human being. Differences found in children from infancy to adolescence is referred to as personality traits and temperament traits, which are two very important factors in determining one’s personality structure. Both personality traits and temperament traits are as a result of experience and the environment, as well as being genetically inherited. Personality traits can be delineated earlier in life compared to temperament traits because temperament traits are known to surface later in a child’s life. It is also

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