Persuasive Essay On Dress Codes In Schools

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Dress Code

Do students who all dress the same look good or bad? Students should not all look the same. School is a place where students should be able to express themselves, and be able to wear whatever they want,as long as they are not breaking any rules that their school has. The first school dress code was established in 1969, by the U.S Supreme Court. The Supreme Court made the dress code to stop students of a certain school from protesting the Vietnam War.They So student that have piercing and student that like wearing different types clothing should not be limited because of school's dress code. The dress code has flaws to it, it does not have diversity, it can be take advantage of, and it unfair. But school believe that it make
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One major benefits to dress code it that nobody can be made fun of because of what they were, because they all look the same. According to student right “The principles the wear question believe that their students stay more disciplined and focused in their studies and feel less peer pressure”. So dress code help people stay focus in school. The dress code also get rid of theft, because nobody want to steal the same shirt or shoes that they already have. Violence will also be lowered because nobody fought over what clothes they had. Plus it limit gang member from wearing their colors to school which endanger everybody there if they were a target. But dress code limit people's expression, theft and violence should not be problem in schools. Schools should be able to control their problems. So the dress code has its pros and cons but the writer believes that a strict dress code should not be implaces.
Student who all look same at school is bad. Having diversity is what all school needs, yeah they say that it ruin learning environment but that's not true. A kid will want to learn if he wants to. A dress code does not have diversity, it has some flaws. So a dress code is still a bad idea and should not be implemented in any
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