Persuasive Essay On Ice Cream

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Who doesn’t love a good ice cream? It doesn’t even matter how hot or cold the weather may be. Some people say that ice cream and chocolates can make anyone feel better especially if they are having a really bad day. It is simply therapeutic, it is technically comfort food for some people. Then again, just like almost every comfort food, too much consumption can be pretty unhealthy and could lead to weight gain.


In this generation, almost everything is possible when it comes to advanced technology and new discoveries. That is why there is this thing called as “healthy ice cream”. Some of the most popular brands for this healthy ice cream are Halo Top and Arctic Zero. These ice cream brands basically promote less …show more content…

Compared to regular ice cream brands that contains almost 500 calories a pint, this is definitely a must try. However, is it really as healthy as it may seem? Here are what experts think about this new trend on ice cream.


According to the CEL of Halo Top Creamery, Justin Woolverton, “Everybody has their own definition of healthy. For us, it means that food that are unprocessed as they can be,” he explained. He also described their ice cream as something people can eat without feeling guilty after finishing the entire pint. “It can fit into their diet without breaking the calorie bank,” he added.

However, maybe it is best that experts such as nutritionists and dietitians should have a say whether these new healthy ice cream that is taking over the market are actually healthy.

A professor of food studies, nutrition, and public health from New York University, Marion Nestle said that if they are pushing to market their ice cream as healthy then it is seem to be an oxymoron. “This fits perfectly in the category of ‘just because it’s a slightly better choice doesn’t mean that it is a good

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