Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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School Uniforms
Everyone has different views on school uniforms. People feel as if they have to be on either side but are unsure why. One can agree it could be a positive thing or a negative thing or in between it depends on the parents and students. Uniforms are not for everyone but for some it’s perfect. Will they (uniforms and schools) accommodate to religious beliefs or will financial assistance be provided for those who cannot afford yearly school uniforms. Uniforms prevent inappropriate clothing, as far as unfitting logos or gang related colors or attire. Uniforms have been linked to better behavior in schools and in the prevention of distractions in class. However, uniforms violate the freedom of expression. Not all school districts require uniforms and students should have a say whether they would like to wear them or not. There is also the additional cost of the manufactures the school requires to wear and how the school will enforce the uniform regulations. Is it worth the trouble? Or getting the students into trouble.
Uniforms have been around for a while but where did they originate? Not much is known about uniforms before the 19th century. Christ Church Hospital initially offered uniforms to its poor and orphans (Weber 2009). Later uniforms spread to private schools which changed the meaning of what they initially stood for. It would be considered a more privileged social class. “School uniforms in the United States followed the traditional use of uniforms established in England and were generally limited to private and parochial schools for the exception of government-run boarding schools for Native American children, first established in the late 1800” ( Catholic School Uniforms article states that in “American Catholic Schools today, many believe the uniform confronts both issues of class and identity.” Since Catholic school uniforms don’t usually follow fashion trends students can wear them all year. Over the course of time they have changed. Dress shirts, ties, plaid skirts and blazers have been upgraded to a more casual uniformed shirt or blouse with navy blue, black or khaki colored pants depending on the school. As humans’ people want to belong and a uniform provides a sense

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