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Tata Motors Limited is an automotive vehicle manufacturing company based in India. The company is engaged in development, design, manufacture and assembly, sale, and financing of vehicles, as well as sale of auto parts and accessories. The company primarily operates in India, South Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, and UK. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. TATA Motors got listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2004.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Strong domestic player (Indian market).
It is a key manufacturer of commercial vehicles. It has a market share of 64% which has always remained constant. It is India’s largest automobile manufacturer in terms of revenue. It
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“The foundation of the company’s growth is a deep understanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through leading edge R&D” (Tata). Employing 1,400 scientists and engineers, Tata Motors’ Research and Development team is ahead of the pack in India’s market and right with the rest of the field internationally. Tata’s firsts are “the first indigenously developed Light Commercial Vehicle, India 's first Sports Utility Vehicle and, in 1998, the Tata Indica, India 's first fully indigenous passenger car,” as well as the increasingly famous Tata Nano, which is projected to be the world’s cheapest production car (Tata).

Economic Analysis: Operating in numerous countries across the world, Tata Motors functions with a global economic perspective while focusing on each individual market. Because Tata is in a rapid growth period, expanding or forming a joint venture in over five countries world-wide since 2004, a global approach enables Tata Motors to adapt and learn from the many different regions within the whole automotive industry. They have experience and resources from five continents across the globe, thus when any variable changes in the market they can gather information and resources from all over the world to address any issues. . For instance, if the price of the aluminum required
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