Pestle Analysis of Easyjet

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Pestle analysis of Easyjet Political Factors Political factors reflect the political stability of the region where Easyjet is operating. OPPORTUNITIES Government grants permission to purchase new Aircrafts. Government guidance and assistance available to travel and tourism businesses. European Countries Collaboration and good relationship making EU politically stable. This stability is a significant advantage for the growth of Easyjet THREATS Airlines which fail to comply with strict carbon emission limits will face fines from the Environment Agency, the government has announced. BBC news Wednesday, 4 March 2009 Government enforces rules on airlines company to apply expensive technological solutions to detect terrorists …show more content…

The emergence of low cost airlines and their business models have fostered several changes within the tourism and travel industry as well as are having a tremendous impact on travellers’ behaviour. This increase in the travelling has a positive impact on the growth of various airlines. The development in the tourism industry especially in Europe over the past few years reflects this fact. Cultural changes towards travelling will benefit

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