Phases Of Daniel Feldmen's Three-Phase Model Of Organizational Socialization?

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The process of looking and getting hired for a new job can be overwhelming. This doesn’t just include individuals who are new to applying to jobs, but employees who are looking to get promoted within their company. They are both similar situations in which you need to do research on the job prior to applying, go through an orientation process, and become integrated into that role after gaining a clear understanding of your responsibilities. It can be challenging, but thankfully, companies have implemented programs of organizational socialization to provide support to new employees while they adapt to their new environment. To fully understand the impact organizational socialization has on new employees and how organizations can better apply this with new employees, I will discuss each phase of Daniel Feldmen’s three-phase model of organizational socialization.
The three-phase model of organizational socialization created by Daniel Feldmen was created to help organizations and new employees understand how without proper socialization employees will likely not stay and develop their careers within that organization. The book defines organizational socialization as “the process by which individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior required to assume a work role” and that “unstructured socialization is associated with decreased learning, performance, and satisfaction” (Kinicki and Fugate, 2017, p. 571).
The first phase of this model is anticipatory

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