Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

“Teachers, You are the molders of their dreams, the gods who build or crush their young beliefs of right or wrong. You are the spark that sets aflame, the poet’s hand, or the lights that flame of some great singer’s song. You are the god of the young, the very young. You are the guardian of a million dreams. Your every smile or frown can heal or pierce the heart. You are a hundred lives, a thousand lives. Yours the pride of loving them and the sorrow too. Your patient work, your touch makes you the goals of hope that fill their souls with dreams to make those dreams come true.”
- Ronald Reagan

In thought, this quote can be inspirational and consoling. In practice, this quote can revolutionize the
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I can recall the teachers who mainly lectured and those that seemed to be well-educated. Though these are important qualities in being a teacher, the characteristics that seemed to make the best impression toward my education were the teachers who had some sort of connective capacity; the ones that connect with the students, the students with each other, and everyone to the subject material. I believe a good teacher has the ability to make connections between the actions in the classroom and the direct flow of society.

Facilitating connections in the classroom is vital not only for classrooms, but the interaction of human beings. Teachers are able to break discriminating barriers and instilling diversity acceptance within students. As a future teacher, I plan to incorporate and execute social acceptance along with understanding. I feel that the barriers of the current society should deteriorate when a student enters the classroom. In light of the recent law IDEA-97, children with disabilities are to be fully included into the general curriculum. Total inclusion of children with disabilities further strengthens social acceptance of children who were discriminated against by the practice of the ‘pull-out’ programs. In the classroom children from different social-classes, diverse cultural/ethnic groups, and children with disabilities should and are entitle to experience an equal
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