Core Values Of Nursing

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While the nursing profession has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of people and the health care delivery system, it has remained true to its very core values that continue to inspire nurses to face new challenges, thus rendering them with greater opportunities for growth and development. As a caring profession, nurses were initially regarded as individuals who carried out tedious tasks of maintaining the cleanliness of hospital wards, in addition to reporting to their superiors such as physicians and providing direct patient care. Through the years, the profession has developed and adopted practices that were considered important in advancing the needs of patients within a healthcare setting. The nurses of today offer more than just direct patient care. They play a vital role in pursuing clinical practices that are evidence-based to maximize quality of patient care and promoting health and wellness in the community at large, through prevention and treatment. The nursing profession of today is founded on the core values that nurses in the past embodied in their work. It is a dynamic profession, which continues to evolve and provide new and exciting opportunities for future nurses as they face the changing needs of people and society. In the earlier times, the healing of illnesses was based on superstitious beliefs and magical thinking. People from different parts of the world used traditional means to address illnesses, such as the casting away of evil

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