Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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Philosophy of Teaching Twelve years ago, I was not interested in becoming a teacher. I was content with my life. Then, I had two wonderful children. As they became school age, my opinion of teachers was immensely altered. I have spent countless hours within my children’s school, became personally connected to the wonderful individuals who were their teachers, and developed a respect for these tireless workers. These individuals have created a desire within me to enhance children’s lives and improve society through education.

Children are life’s blessings. All children have the ability to learn. Just as all children are individuals, they also possess diverse individual learning styles. A successful teacher must have the necessary …show more content…

This method includes stressing core classes such as reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing. This particular method was the foundation for most of my education. Teachers are represented as strong role models within essentialism. Having a positive role model is an essential portion of a child’s education and I will work diligently to provide this experience for my students.

The third philosophy that I plan to utilize is social reconstructionism. Social reconstructionism was praised by many of the great educators in history such as: Plato, Augustine, Karl Marx, John Dewey, and many more. This particular philosophy encourages the educators to teach students to focus on finding solutions for the social issues that are a part of our society. Society is plagued with many social problems. Education is essential for future generations. As an educator, it is my responsibility to ensure my student’s possess strong problem solving skills. These skills will be beneficial to the students during the education process as well as in their roles within society.

Finally, I have chosen progressivism. This method was developed by John Dewey, Ella Young, and Francis Parker. Progressivism is a very interactive form of education. Children are exposed to real world experiences and encouraged to develop questions and find answers or solutions for these experiences. I believe that

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